counts, classifies and labels vehicles in real-time

v3 Trafficview ™

Trafficview™ is a subset of v3 Tools that is designed to use streaming video or CCTV to count cars, trains and people and send the extracted data to ArcGIS Pro in real-time. Trafficview is a practical tool for reading roadside streaming camera feeds to detect, track, count, measure, classify, geo-locate and database the extracted vehicle information while at the same time sending a real-time TCP and or JSON data socket to ArcGIS Pro for visualization.

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Turns Streaming Video Into Instant Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data

v3 Trafficview can read web, SD and HD streaming camera feeds. It is a simple way for traffic managers to turn every streaming camera into a real-time data feed.

v3 Trafficview Software Overview

Turning Video into Structured Data

v3 Trafficview Markets include:

Traffic Management

Railroad Management

People and Crowd Management

Port Authority Shipping Container Management

v3 Trafficview is a Mathematical Engine

Fully automated analysis of Full Motion Video (FMV) and other sensor imagery data

Includes streaming video, thermal IR, WAMI and satellite imagery

Automatically detects and tracks objects in each frame of video, counts, geo-locates, and measures each object’s properties, and writes the data from each frame to a database

Database information can be output and visualized in specific modes (tracking, shape, segmented and image chips)

Automatically generates large training datasets in many formats, including bounding boxes, semantic segmentation shape files or polygons, and pixel masks suitable for use by AI/ML applications

Detailed object properties (multi-dimensional feature space) are provided for Third Wave AI processing

Software Capabilities

Real-time performance on a single processor

Video output format processing is GPU accelerated

Reads video and images from cameras directly into memory in real-time

Detects moving and stationary targets

Image quality module to enhance video quality prior to processing

Real-time dashboard: waterfall displays of processing quality, number of target detected and tracked, and histogram of track lengths

Automatically generates a Tracking Report

Sends tracking data in real-time to ArcGIS directly or via TCP or JSON socket


v3 Tools ™

v3 Tools detects, tracks, classifies, geo-locates and databases object information extracted from, among others, streaming video. All in real-time and without requiring a software training database.