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We specialize in unique parallax visualization and image analysis technologies

The Company

Vision III Imaging, Inc. (“the Company”) is a Virginia company based in Reston that specializes in unique parallax visualization and image analysis technologies.

The v3 parallax visualization (PV) technologies enable users to create dimensionally enhanced video that is viewable on all current displays, without the need for content production workflow changes, special glasses or modified devices (unaided).

The v3 image segmentation (IS) technologies allow user video to automatically isolate, identify and geo-locate scene objects on a frame-by-frame basis producing a content specific database that can be processed and mined for additional information, relationships and patterns.

The various v3 technologies provide unique capabilities for our industrial and the military clients.

v3 Brings 3D Solutions to Both 2D and 3D Visual Markets

v3 imaging technologies have been developed for creating, capturing and displaying three-dimensional parallax depth information. These technologies are designed to allow users to generate and assemble imagery with a high degree of precision.

The Company has focused its R&D efforts on an area of human perception that is unique and largely overlooked by the imaging industry. A large body of work has been developed around the concept of presenting parallax (three-dimensional) information over time. As a result, it has been able to develop and patent a series of fundamental proprietary parallax visualization technologies and tools.

A Short History

Meet the Team

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Chris Mayhew

ceo & president

Chris Mayhew is the CEO of Vision III Imaging, Inc., a company specializing in parallax visualization and image analysis technologies for military and entertainment markets, based in Reston, Virginia. He has focused his efforts on the research and development of parallax over time technologies, such as parallax scanning and critical alignment. Mr. Mayhew has extensive experience in project management of new imaging technology research and development. He is responsible for the development of the v3 parallax scanning AX3 ENG zoom lens units, the AX4 digital cinema zoom lens units, the PL-mount MOE prime lenses and the Real Shot live-action camera system. Several leading engineering forums: including the SMPTE Journal, the NAB, and the SPIE proceedings; have published his work. He has received twenty-two issued US Patents and is well versed in foreign and domestic patent practices, technology licensing, and business intellectual property issues.

He is also responsible for the management and development of the v3 Tools software code that automatically converts video imagery into structured geolocated data in real time. v3 Tools is a real time mathematical engine that exploits full motion video (FMV) and wide area motion imagery (WAMI) datasets. v3 Tools detects, tracks, locates, counts, classifies, labels scene objects, and generates image chip sequences without any human intervention, and creates a database of this information and attributes (color, motion, speed etc.). The database can be formatted, and objects of interest can be extracted from video frames for training ML and AI applications. v3 Tools are compatible with GIS applications like Esri’s ArcGIS Software. His software development projects include an autostereoscopic parallax visualization software FMV/WAMI toolset for the Air Force Research Laboratory. Along with the development of the QS3DX GPU accelerated plug-in stereoscopic toolsets for Adobe’s PP and AE CC.

Ji Gou

Director of Software Engineering

Ji graduated from Peking University, China with a Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science. He subsequently went on to earn a Master’s degree in the same major from Columbia University in New York City. Ji possesses a unique talent for solving complicated image analysis problems with software code. His efforts have resulted in the development of the QuickS3DX 3D plugin for Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects, the standalone PVTools parallax viewing software and the target tracking v3 Tools software. Ji also leads the Company’s efforts to integrate its software data outputs into the Ersi and AWS application workflows.

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Vision III has developed patented parallax technologies that you can use to add depth and dimension to your content. Use our various lens technology to create unique and dimensional content, or use our Real Shot™ technology to create animated content that will pop off your screen! Our image data extraction technology detects, tracks, identifies and databases objects in video/image sequences. Click the button below to learn more about all the various v3 technologies have to offer.