v3 is innovative efficient practical useful structured direct data also dimensional.

Everything else is just flat.®

Unique Parallax Induction Technologies for Human and Computer Vision

Parallax information is what makes human three-dimensional visual perception possible.

Mother Nature determined that exploiting parallax differences was a simple way to locate visual objects in three-dimensional space.  Since then, evolution has applied the concept to living creatures’ visual systems in a wide variety of ways.

Parallax Visualization

Extracts and presents the inherent three-dimensional information in motion imagery

Image Data Extraction

Detects, tracks, identifies and databases objects in video/image sequences

Patented Technologies

More recently, v3 parallax induction technologies have been patented and developed by Vision III Imaging, Inc. that extract and encode three-dimensional information.

v3 solves the more modern problems of how to create three-dimensional content that can be viewed on conventional, unaided 2D displays. 

Everything from bugs to humans use parallax to visually navigate in their surrounding environment.

Parallax Induction as Applied to Computer Vision

Parallax Induction has also been applied to the difficult tasks of video object detection and segmentioan in computer vision. 

A mathematical v3 tools software engine has been developed that automatically exploits streaming video sources in real time. 

Automated Video Analysis Software

We detect, track, classify, geo-locate and database object information extracted from, among others, streaming video. We do it in real-time. And we do it without requiring a software training database.


Unique Capabilities

This is NOT an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) or Deep Learning (DL) technology.


Mathematical Engine

Our v3 Tools software is powered by proprietary parallax induction and segmentation image analysis algorithms.


Video to Data

v3 Tools is a mathematical engine that directly converts video into structured labeled data.

Software Capabilities

Real-time performance on a single processor

Video output format processing is GPU accelerated
Reads video and images from cameras directly into memory in real-time
Detects moving and stationary targets
Image quality module to enhance video quality prior to processing
Real-time dashboard: waterfall displays of processing quality, number of target detected and tracked, and histogram of track lengths
Automatically generates a Tracking Report
Sends tracking data in real-time to ArcGIS directly or via TCP or JSON socket



Video to Data Service

v3 is building a cloud based video to structured data service capability that converts streaming video into real-time data that fuses perfectly into the ESRI GIS and AWS ML universes. 

v3 extracted GIS data can be immediately visualized and tracked on an ESRI digital map.

The labeled image data output can be further classified and analyzed by the vast array of AWS AI tools. 

V2DS Data Sources

Our goal is to turn every video camera on earth and in space into a data source that can be mapped with GIS and analyzed by online AI applications.

Not software. Not analysis.

Just data.

v3 generates the data that other AI and GIS applications analyze.