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Stereoscopic 3D editing in Adobe® Premiere® Pro and After Effects® - Lite Version

Display Features

  • Top/Bottom
  • Side - by - Side
  • Frame Offset to Sync
  • Work with Stereo Pairs or Multiplexed file
  • Onion Skin (50-50)
  • Anaglyph (Red/Cyan)
  • v3 Parallax

Image Adjustments

  • Auto Crop
  • Scale to Fit
  • Scale to Fill
  • Stretch to Fit

Alignment Tools

  • Percent Only
  • Horizontal/Vertical Only

v3 Parallax

The v3 parallax display mode is a unique feature in the plug-in that uses a method of square wave switching to aid in image alignment. By alternating between the left and right images differences that would otherwise go unnoticed with methods such as 50-50 overlay and difference map become immediately apparent.

Upgradeable to Pro

Try out the Lite version and then upgrade to Pro to unlock exclusive pro features. The upgrade process is simple and cost effective. If you have the lite version already, simply head over to the upgrade page and enter the same information that was used for the Lite purchase to receive your QuickS3D Pro version for $250.

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Native stereoscopic 3D editing right in Premiere® Pro and After Effects®

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v3 is dimensional.

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