< Pursuer PV Plug-in

Pursuer PV Plug-in Features

Image Capture Capabilities

Automatic Frame Capture

  • Variable Number of Frames
  • Variable Separation Between Desired Frames

Manual Frame Capture

  • Decide and capture two separate frames

Custom Alignment Window

  • Coordinate Corners shown
  • Time and Date Stamp for Frames
  • Customizable Title
  • Compass Orientation
  • Annotations
  • Seamless Switching between Captured Images

Alignment tools

  • Click to Align (Rapid Correction)
  • Sub-pixel Horizontal Correction
  • Sub-pixel Vertical Correction
  • Rotational Adjustment
  • Adjustable Alternation Frequency
  • View Still Image


Save Alternations as Video

  • .avi
  • .mpg, .mpeg
  • .mp4 (H.264 encoding)
  • .mp4 (Mpeg4 encoding)

Contact Us

Contact Vision III if you are interested in the Pursuer PV Plug-in
email: info@inv3.com
phone: 703-476-6762