Pursuer PV Plug-in

Visualizing three-dimensional WAMI and FMV data

Parallax Visualization (PV) Toolset

The v3 Pursuer PV Plug-in is the first Pursuer Plug-in to allow three-dimensional information to be analyzed using current Electronic Light Table (ELT) workflows. The Plug-in can process existing and future WAMI data, FMV data, and any data that can be viewed using Pursuer. This data can be critically aligned and viewed on any standard unaided display. Critically aligned alternating data invokes an autostereoscopic (automatic three-dimensional) response on the part of the viewer using a standard unaided display.

Seamless Integration into Workflows

The Pursuer PV Plug-in can be added into the Pursuer 2.3.X baseline seamlessly and quickly, being implemented as a Pursuer module. After installation, images can be captured directly from the Pursuer interface and opened into the custom separate "v3 Parallax Visualization Window". This custom window has numerous easy to use controls and options to ensure the parallax information contained within the data is accurately visualized.

Valuable and Now Obvious Information

The Pursuer PV Plug-in makes difficult and obscure image data obvious. Hidden terrain features and/or aerial obstructions like hanging wires and poles are easily spotted in parallax visualized images. PV work products can be generated, annotated and saved as short movies that can be distributed via a network and viewed on any standard display.

If you are interested in a 30 day evaluation license of the Pursuer PV Plug-in, please contact Vision III:
email: pursuerpv@inv3.com
phone: 703-476-6762