MOE Prime Lenses

Bringing Digital Cinema and Film to Life

MOE Prime Lenses

The v3 Moving Optical Element (MOE) lenses (a 5 prime lens set) add improved realism, depth, and shape to increase overall production value. MOE lenses provide a vivid enhancement over conventional 2D motion picture and digital cinema content. This innovative imaging technology is based on our patented Digital Parallax Scanning (DPS) system, which captures different points of view relative to the plane of focus. These slight shifts cause the viewer to interpret greater depth in a scene, which enhances the realism of the shot-and makes it more lifelike.

Greater Depth and Texture with Parallax Scanning Iris

The iris moves off the center of the MOE lens, in a circular motion, with the amplitude (distance off center) and frequency (cycles per second) adjustable by the operator of the camera. Changes in amplitude mean that an increased amount of parallax information gets captured, which provides the perception of greater depth and texture in the resulting footage. This opens up a range of creative options that cannot be achieved with normal fixed-iris lenses.

The "v3 look"

The "v3 look" is especially powerful in scenes shot with a moving camera, and the footage displays on many screen types-movie screens, TVs, computers, and mobile handsets. Plus, gaining the v3 look doesn't require production changes, post-processing, or special viewing equipment. The MOE lenses are equipped with PL mounts, and can be used with a wide range of film and digital cameras.

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