Real Shot

This is an example of a Real Shot™ animated loop. Real Shot is a square-wave parallax induction method that presents true three-dimensional information overtime in a manner that increases the viewer's perception of dimension in the animation. Real Shot makes things "pop" out and have more presence. This Real Shot example was produced using materials provided to us by Universal. Our goal was to use the materials to create a simple Real Shot animated loop that "popped." Multiple parallax views were rendered and assembled using our critical alignment toolset as a square-wave parallax animated cycle. Square-wave parallax induction can be very effective when combined with all the other monocular cues like enlargement, motion, overlapping and reflection. Try closing one eye when you watch it. The three-dimensional effect is still very strong even with one eye. That is because it is parallax over time. See the following link: http://www.inv3.com/technology/critical-alignment for an explanation of why it works.