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Vision III Imaging

Innovative Parallax Imaging Technology Brings A Three Dimensional Enhancement to Regular Displays

v3 brings 3D solutions
to both 2D and 3D
visual markets

Vision III Imaging, Inc., (the "Company") is located in Reston, Virginia and specializes in advanced parallax visualization technologies for military and entertainment imaging markets.

v3 imaging technologies have been developed for creating, capturing and displaying three-dimensional parallax depth information. These technologies are designed to allow users to generate and assemble imagery with a high degree of precision.

The Company has focused its R&D efforts on an area of human perception that is unique and largely overlooked by the imaging industry. A large body of work has been developed around the concept of presenting parallax (three-dimensional) information over time. As a result, it has been able to develop and patent a series of fundamental proprietary parallax visualization technologies and tools.